Unlock New Customers & Markets

We provide mobile operators and merchants with carrier billing solutions through our digital services platform.

We are very proud of our extensive list of clients from all over the world, we have built key relationships with global mobile operators and major digital content brands through our carrier billing solutions.

Direct Carrier Billing

Access to new customers who do not have credit/debit cards

We Embrace and Represent the New Standard for In-App Subscriptions.All In One Market Place For Content Providers, Media Buyers And Mobile Carriers.

Operator Billing

You are a Content Provider soliciting ways to considerably leverage your Digital Content, Service or simply your, Mobile App, then MobileArts is definitely your monetization and advertising portal to lifelong success.

We invite you to seize this favorable window and connect with us through our broad network of trusted service providers stretching across Africa and Middle East – via “Direct Carrier Billing” which provides the simplest OTP-checkout experience among any other online payment method.

Store Billing

You’re a Digital Content Owner and you have an outstanding mobile application, but you cannot seem to get it running on Google Play Store, iTunes or App Store? .

We will take it from here, plug the app on your behalf and fuel it with all the advertising prerequisites to render it a money-generating dynamic

Our full-fledged and highly intelligent optimization and development techniques will redefine your perspective on mobile apps’ monetization and reward your business with the first ROI milestone.

Content Production

You are a Content Provider and you are in quest of ways to seamlessly harness and monetize your product or service, we are your perfect destination to make it happen.

We embrace your Digital Content and transforms it into a lucrative in-app business model that you can profit from via our One-Stop, Scalable and Smart Turnkey monetization techniques, i.e., “Mobile Carrier Billing” and “Store Billing”. Even more so, our all-inclusive Mobile Business Model grants you the superlative opportunity to simultaneously capitalize on our mega traffic and advertise your content.

Traffic Providers

If you are an Advertiser: Whether you want to promote an app in a certain country or reach a global audience, we have a product to match your advertising needs.

If you are a Publisher: Maximize your revenue with us! With our technology, we can target the most appropriate ads for your audience, regardless of where the users are sent from, guaranteeing you unmatched eCPAs.